My experience at Jer’s Vision

Exactly 4 months ago today I started my coop placement at Jer’s vision and today is my final day and I am just writing a Little bit on my experience this 4 month coop at this wonderful placement. In the first month and half I was launched into helping plan this event while a long side my new friends/other coop students the day of pink arrived and all the planning we had done for this event called the Day of pink Gala which was quite a huge success thanks to everyone’s hard work. A few days later after all the clean-up from the day of pink was dine we were launched into another project which was the first week long Youth GSA forum in Toronto and I was fortunate enough to attend and learn so many things not only in the workshops but from the people I met at this forum and it really opened my eyes how so many people are accepting and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Now we have come to 4 months later where I have faced my fears of talking to people on the phone and getting ready for the DTSO: GSM Summit in Toronto and I am walking out of here with a few skills I will need in everyday life some new friends and an experience that will stay with me for a life time.

-Janelle (Coop Student)