Message from our Board President Calla Barnett

As the new President of the Board of Directors and a founding member of Jer’s Vision, I am honoured to re-engage with the CCGSD. I bring to the table 14 years of experience with not-for-profit groups, and hope my experience and enthusiasm will make a meaningful contribution to the Centre.

In 12 years, the CCGSD has grown from a small charity with a $5,000 budget, into an organization with an operating budget of over $850,000. Our rapid expansion unfortunately did not come without challenges. Our programming has maintained its quality, but our governance, policies and procedures must grow in step with the Centre itself.

With that in mind, we would like to hear more from you! Over the next few months, the Board will be inviting partners to collaborate on how to shape the future of CCGSD. We are already drafting new policies and procedures, which are on the website, and will be uploading additional documents.

Should you wish to comment on these, please use the comments box in the “Contact Us” section of the website or contact me directly at This new Board-centred section of the newsletter will keep you updated on our progress and we always welcome feedback from you. If we grow together, our shared vision of a discrimination-free, gender and sexually diverse world can become a reality.

 Yours truly,

Calla Barnett 
(pronouns: she, her)

Président du Conseil d’Administration | Board President
Le Centre canadien de la diversité des genres & de la sexualité |
The Canadian Centre for Gender  & Sexual Diversity
C304-440 rue Albert St, Ottawa, ON K1R 5B5 (territoire Algonquin Territory)