Meet the NEW Educational Coordinators


I’m Cameron and I’m Hannah and together….. WE ARE THE SUPER EDUCATION TEAM! Formally known as Jer’s Vision new Educational Coordinators. 

Hi everyone! My name is Cameron Aitken. I’m originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a first year student at Carleton University’s Communication Studies program, a triplet and a musician.  It was actually through chance that I became involved with Jer’s Vision, but the organization has had a significant impact on forming the person I am today.

In 2009, Jeremy Dias presented at the Focus on the Gay Family conference in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, a conference that I attended. Before the conference began, I was sitting with some friends discussing my excitement at the events to come. At 15, this was my first conference on Queer issues and I was ecstatic to hear from an alumnus of my high school, Jeremy Dias. The following conversation is how I met Jeremy.

Me “I’m just so excited to meet this Jeremy Dias guy, I can’t wait to hear his presentation!”

Jeremy Dias “ Thank you so much, that’s so great to hear!”

Me “…. How’re you!?”

Yes folks, that happened.

Here I am, 3 years later as one of the Educational Coordinators at Jer’s Vision.  In that 3 years, I co-founded and led the first high school GSA in my hometown, worked as the Jer’s Vision Coordinator for Northern Ontario providing resources for other youth to get involved, presented at community events as a Queer Rights Activist, dyed my hair blonde and went to the Roskilde music festival just outside of Copenhagen, Denmark. I was inspired by Jer’s Vision to become involved within my school and community and I’m thrilled to start my work with the organization. It’s been a journey getting here and I’m excited for what this next chapter holds.

As an Educational Coordinator, I’m committed to presenting workshops, like our demystifying and humanizing sexual diversity workshop  to Middle school and High school aged youth in the Ottawa Valley region.


I’m Hannah, I’ve been living in Ottawa since I was four years old, with my parents, two brothers, and two cats, and my darling chihuahua. A self proclaimed feminist and riot grrrl who’s been raging against the patriarchy since grade school. I’ve also been a poet, an improvisor, and a radical. I’ve been a queer femme boi and a sunflower child since I can remember. I always knew I was queer but never really expressed or was open about it until my first year of high school at Nepean, in Westboro.As someone with a fluid orientation coming out to others has always been difficult. I’m constantly bombarded with “I don’t get it?” or “so you’re bi right?” but people’s confusion towards the broad spectrum that is LGBTQ just encourages me to keep educating and teaching others. I’ve had a very positive experience with coming out to friends and family but I know not everyone shares my privilege. This is why I’m so excited to be one of the two new education coordinators. I’ve been working with Jer’s Vision since February 2012 first as a co-op student, than as a volunteer, and now as an educator. I’m hoping to bring my stories and experiences to schools across the Ottawa Area in hopes someone will learn a thing or two. 

So that’s us. We know we’ll be able to keep up the great reputation Jer’s Vision has in schools around Ottawa and be able to enlighten kids with our workshops. If you’re interested in booking a workshop with us feel free to email us at or We’re getting booked up pretty quickly so don’t be afraid to email.

Thanks for reading!




Cameron & Hannah