Medical students wear pink!

The Centre is proud to partner with International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations & SCORA in educating Medical students across the world to wear pink and learn about how they can be more supportive of LGBTQ patients.

Anjali Kulkarni, the National Officer of Reproductive & Sexual Health at the Canadian Federation of Medical Students, and Sarah Khalife, the National Officer on Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS (NORA) for International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations-Québece said: “Every medical student will encounter an LGBTQ patient at some point in their career. Patients from this group are often marginalized and discriminated against due to their gender and/or sexual identity. They are frequently the victims of bullying, which can lead to devastating outcomes. As healthcare providers, we are in a unique position to be able to recognize the signs of someone who is being bullied, and provide comfort and support at this time. We have the ability to advocate for the needs of these patients, working together as a community.”

Join us and our colleagues across the world in posting pictures in PINK from April 5th-8th! Be creative! Be fun! Be PINK!


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