March 26 is Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness

Tomorrow I am going to wake up and put on a purple shirt. I invite you to do the same, because tomorrow is the day of purple for epilepsy awareness. Epilepsy may seem very vague and very distant to many of you, but to me it has been a very close part of my life and of my family’s life for many years. My grandmother lives with epilepsy, and because of her condition has to take many varieties of pills to try to control her seizures. Epilepsy is still a great unknown for those who study the brain, seizures can be completely harmless or they can do lasting damage. Much of the specifics and long term effects of epilepsy still have yet to be studied.

Please join my family, and many others like us, in the search for a better solution for those living with epilepsy. Help us raise awareness tomorrow by wearing purple.

Zoe Easton
Youth Director & Youth Advisory Chairwoman