Making LGBTQ-A issues Stand Out: Canada’s first Service Providers Summit

Making LGBTQ-A issues Stand Out: Canada’s first Service Providers Summit
by News Team

Canada’s 2-day Stand Out Service Providers Summit on June 26 and 27th at Ryerson University in Toronto is making history by providing the entire LGBTQ-A community with the opportunity to network and create a strong imprint nationally.

This important summit is the first of its kind and a key factor to the cohesive working of all LGBTQ-A service providers nation-wide. The summit’s success, according to Conference Coordinator Cameron Aitken, will be due to “the opportunity to network, experience amazing professional develop and establish a national vision”.  

Despite the ingenuity of the idea for the Stand Out conference, creating the event from the ideas of Canadian Service Providers has been difficult. Founders of the discussion, Jeremy Dias and Chad Smith, raised the dull murmur to a roar through the support of directors, managers and board members – all without any monetary funds. Mr. Dias aided the organization of this year’s conference through Jer’s Vision to support the hundreds of delegates from across the country. “We are working to deal with all kinds of logistics, like food, allergies, travel, accommodation and the program itself”, he mentioned in an interview.

Along with merging the community together in one setting, the schedule has many goals that resonate both with individual needs and for all members. It seeks to organize and network all LGBTQ-A services together with a united vision against the issues that they will have learned about at the conference such as the implementation of trans diversity, fundraising, and advocating bilingualism in all centers. Added goals, according to Mr. Dias, include “cost reduction, improved collaboration and a look at what the community will be in 50 years”.

In the community, people are thrilled with the materialization of the Stand Out Summit. “For a few years now, holding an event to engage LGBTQ-A Service Providers has been a popular topic of conversation, and the goal is finally being realized,” noted Aitkens on the event.

The Stand-Out Summit is taking place on June 26th and 27th at Ryerson University in Toronto, and will network all Canadian Service Providers together in one room. The event is free, accessible and partially bilingual to suit all members of the LGBTQ-A community. For more information and to register, please see The National Conference page on Jer’s Vision’s website or the following URL: