Make a REAL difference in our community

This school year, Jer’s Vision will speak to over 70,000 students in communities across Canada, especially rural and remote ones. We will stop homophobia, transphobia, bullying and discrimination through workshops, presentations, conferences and youth intitiatives that make a real difference in our community. 

But we need your help…

This year we have seen a rise in programming from new schools, where doors were previously closed. As a result, we are unable to meet the growing demand for programming.

We are looking for 500 individuals to help us to bring on a new educator by donating $5 a month. This will allow us to educate 9,600 more people ever year (that’s only $1.25 a person).

The easiest way to help is by donating monthly through your bank account. Thanks to a new donor, there are no costs  or fees, and every penny goes straight to Jer’s Vision. 

Simply click here to fill out the donation form, and you will be contacted to confirm your donation. The new system will start in February of 2012. 

You may make a one time or monthly donation with your credit card through Canada Helps (click here), or through your local federated charities (ex. United Way).

Please also help us by encouraging your family, friends and colleges to support. We also encourage you to see first hand what you are investing in by volunteering, or coming to our events. Simply email: for more information.