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This is What Happens Next will be awesome!

Iconic Canadian theatre artists Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks are reuniting in their first collaboration since 2005. With the virtuoso juggling of multiple characters that has made him famous, MacIvor spins a scary fairytale for adults. It’s the Kingdom of Kevin, accessible only through a dark forest of addiction, divorce, Schopenhauer, The Little Mermaid and the life of John Denver. This is What Happens Next is mind-bendingly witty, fast-paced, searing and inspiringly honest.

Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks’ previous collaborations include some of the most influential and produced Canadian plays of the last 20 years: Here Lies Henry, House, Monster, and Cul-de-Sac.

"genius…a high-octane blend of autobiography, anecdote, philosophical musing and fairy-tale fantasy, leavened by mordant wit…riveting".-Montreal Gazette

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Created by Daniel MacIvor and Daniel Brooks
Written and Performed by Daniel MacIvor
Directed and Dramaturged by Daniel Brooks
Venue: GCTC
Length: 90 minutes
Show Runs for the June 7-11, 2011
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