Lukayo Faye C. Estrella

Hearkening to the ancient makata Kadungung of their native Bikol, Lukayo Estrella calls in the past to inform the present through a poetic panoply of possibilities. They competed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word twice as part of an Ottawa team and a Wild Card team. In 2011, they helped coach the Ottawa Youth Poetry Slam Team. Their poetry workshops focus on using personal experiences and imagination to foster resiliency and empowerment. When Lukayo presents motivational keynote speeches at assemblies, their poetry weaves together stories into an overall message of triumph and hope.

As a writer who harbours secret manuscripts in dusty drawers, Lukayo Estrella is typically published because of their clever or timely non-fiction pieces. The Daily Xtra and 2B Magazine have first dibs to several of Lukayo’s articles, while Breakwater Books accepted one of their essays in the anthology entitled Out Proud: Stories of Pride, Courage, and Social Justice.

Workshops are beloved by Lukayo, as this gives them an opportunity to listen as much as speak. Regardless if it’s about gender diversity, healthier relationships, or anti-oppression– Lukayo’s workshops offer an interactive experience tailored to a variety of learning styles and collective objectives.

Whether it’s organizing a conference, hosting a show, presenting poetry, writing an article, managing the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, or staring deeply and consensually into your eyes, Lukayo seeks to support the growth of individuals and communities.