Be in the picture!

The Centre for Gender & Sexual Diveristy is proud to partner with the #LOVEISLOVEISLOVE campaign for Pride Ottawa.

We invite you to join us at Ottawa City Hall (Billings Bridge Room) on Saturday, Aug 26 from 11am-6pm and have your portrait taken (and added) to this Canadian effort to create inclusive spaces. 

No registration is required. Simply show up for a free portrait.

Please note we will be also taking photos of city councillors. As such, they may get push ahead of the queue because they are schedule in for a 5 min time slot.


#LOVEISLOVEISLOVE is a photography campaign by Adam Zivo that fights homophobia and transphobia by creating relatable images of LGBTQ+ relationships, whether romantic or platonic. We partner up with various Pride Festivals to provide photo booths where community members (and allies) can come by with a partner, friend, or lover and be photographed interpreting the theme “love is love”. The photos are then distributed to participants through social media, where they take on a life of their own.

The project was launched in 2016 in response to the Orlando Pulse Shooting. In its first summer it was present at Toronto’s VillageFest and Ottawa’s Capital Pride. For 2017, the project will launch its season at VillageFest again, before going on to other pride festivals. Having partnered with The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, the 2017 activations will feature an educational element, with booths distributing information on the history of North American pride festivals.