LGBTQ2+ Inclusion in Canadian Museums

The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to be a member of the Canadian Museum Association’s Advisory Committee to create Canada’s first: ‘Introduction to LGBTQ2+ Inclusion in Canadian Museums’ draft.

This document will help us help launch a series of inclusive strategies to help guide cultural institutions across Canada on how to engage, reflect, and celebrate diverse Canadian communities.

The spark for this project came into being after several museums approached the CMA and LGBTQ2+ organizations for ways to build stronger community relationships with LGBTQ2+ communities and guidance on representing their stories. A session was held at our Ottawa National Conference last April and a Committee was established.

Inspired by the American Alliance of Museums’ LGBTQ Alliance and its initiatives, such as the LGBTQ Welcoming Guidelines, Sarah Gervais was hired by the Canadian Museums Association to draft an introductory document for museums across Canada. Ms. Gervais has researched, consulted, and written a document meant to help introduce sexual and gender diversity to museum professionals from institutions both small and large, with recommendations for internal management practices to collections management and public programming.

We would very much appreciate your impressions and input on this LGBTQ2+ Inclusion in Canadian Museums document (click here to read the draft).

It would mean a great deal to us to have your feedback, so that we can tailor the document to better support LGBTQ2+ communities and museum professionals across Canada. Your perspectives and expertise will help enrich our LGBTQ2+ initiative and ensure that museums across Canada become more inclusive for all of us.

Please contact Sarah Gervais at with any feedback, questions, or concerns by May 10th. You can also email your comments or feedback to