LGBTQ Love Stories by Yasmin

On free online reading websites like Wattpad or even manga websites, homosexual romances are on the rise. I have recently started to read some boy love stories on Wattpad and I find that they are quite good reads. They can be funny, quirky, serious, mysterious, fictional and more. The only difference from any other novel is that the main characters like the same-sex. By reading LGBTQ stories, a heterosexual person can learn a lot. For example, they can better understand how being queer feels for the main character and see their point of view. You can see even though they love the same sex, that they still have mutual interests and lead a very ordinary life.

On manga websites such as Mangafox or Mangareader, they are “shounen-ai” or “shoujo-ai” novels. Shounen-ai is boy love or romance and shoujo-ai is girl love. Manga is a Japanese genre of comic books, cartoons or animated series that range from fantasy to horror. All ages can enjoy these comics, as long as they pay attention to the ratings! Personally haven’t read these types of comics, but there are still some people who love this genre and many LGBTQ authors make references to these comics under their biography or stories.

I recently asked Amyscence (the picture is the cover of one of his boy love stories), a very popular author of boy/boy stories on Wattpad, why he thinks same-sex loves stories are getting more views today and how he feels about seeing many people supporting his stories.

“I feel very happy about it, it’s exciting. When I first started writing my boyxboy stories it felt like a desert. No one read those kinds of stories and the LGBT community was very, very small. Only a few of us wrote such stories. But then suddenly they all erupted and became popular. People began giving them a chance and grew to love them! So it’s very amazing. I think they are so popular because it’s just so cute. No matter what gender or sexuality you are, you can’t deny that these stories are just adorable. I find myself blushing when I write my own and it’s a great feeling. It’s new to people and it’s fresh. So it draws a lot of attention. I mean, I’ve seen people come to my page and say they aren’t into these types of stories but then I see them the next day commenting and voting on all of them! You just have to give it a chance,”

There are many other authors that are into this genre and have been getting many views, and though some have graphic material, they let people know with the rating or on top of their chapters.

I can vouch that both straight and queer people will love these stories. As a heterosexual person, I don’t see much of a difference. I don’t discriminate against sexual orientation; I only look for a good read. Try new things, give different things a try. You could be surprised at things you never knew you would like.