LGBT Russians told us what they wanted, will you listen?

Dear friends,
Like you, we have been following the issues facing LGBT Russians very closely, and are horrified at the hate and violence they are facing on a daily basis.
And like you, we at & the International Day of Pink team wants to take action to show support and stand with LGBT Russians.
With many ideas, petitions, and memes flying through cyberspace, we found ourselves surprised that no one had asked LGBT Russians what they wanted us to do.
So, we did.
After listening to LGBT Russian activists, Moscow Pride and Gay Russia, as well as Sochi 2014 Olympic athletes, we complied a list of things they feel will support them and fundamentally make their country safer.

With their support and endorsement, we developed the list into an easy to share Take Action Campaign of 7 steps. These steps include the following:
  1. Share the campaign
  2. Put up the poster
  3. Tell your government to speak up
  4. Send a message to president Putin
  5. Wear the button
  6. Tell Sochi 2014 sponsors what you think
  7. Donate to LGBT Russian organizations
They hope that the campaign will raise $5,000 to cover legal expenses, medical bills, and supplies to organize Winter Pride Russia during the Sochi 2014 Olympics.  All of the collected donations will be given to Gay Russia Moscow Pride.
Please donate generously, and share the link to get others to do the same.
We have done our best at to make the campaign accessible, and it is currently being translated into over a dozen languages. If you are interested in volunteering with this, please email:
We have also developed an Open the Door to LGBT Rights in Russia Toolkit for $20. It includes posters, postcards, buttons, and stickers for you to get the word out. All supplies are fair-trade, eco-friendly and sold at cost (i.e., we do not make a profit).
Check out the Toolkit and other supplies at our new #shopify store!
Again, please donate generously to support those in need.
Yours truly,
Hannah Collins
Education Coordinator
PS-We at and the Day of Pink are proud to work internationally, regularly donating pride supplies and other resources to those in need. We are actively engaged in a United Nations committee on these issues, and are involved in supporting LGBTQ-A* initiatives in other countries including Jamaica, Uganda, Mexico, and China.
Want to do something in Ottawa?
Keep Marching for LGBT Rights in Russia
Following the Capital Pride Parade, we invite you to join us and the SAW Galleryas we march down Laurier St to the Russian Embassy for an artistic demonstration in solidarity with LGBT Russians.
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Time: 11:30am
Location: Pride Setup Point (Bank St, between Gladstone St & Catherine St)
RSVP by emailing me (Hannah):
Running late or watching the parade? Meet us at the Russian Embassy (285 Charlotte St) between 3-4pm