Letters from students

On Novemeber 23, we spoke at Sturgeon Heights Collegiate in Winnipeg, MB. Following the workshop, students wrote letters with their comments. Check them out below. 

Dear Jeremy,
Your presentation was inspirational and quite funny. I have been bullied before but it was in middle school. I felt just like you, not wanting to go to school and feeling like nothing. But your presentation made me feel like I wasn’t the only one. I am sure you probably inspired a lot of people at our school, gay or straight because you put a lot of great information into these teenagers heads.
    Also I feel really bad for you for what happened to you all through your schooling, especially when you were in high school because high school is supposed to be the best part of your teenage years and you got bullied all through the four years of high school and that is not fair at all. Also I like how much energy you had the whole time through the presentation. I like how you are so open about your sexuality and I respect gay people. Just because you have a different sexuality than me doesn’t mean I don’t respect you, but thank you for your presentation.
Grade 10 Student

Dear Jeremy,
I thought the presentation was very good, it was very inspiring. It taught me how many kids get bullied because of their sexual orientation, and that people should stand up to the bullying and not be a part of it. I was very moved by the story. I like how you used humour throughout the whole presentation. I think that being gay is a normal thing just like every other relationship. I think that what you’re doing, these presentations, going from city to city is an awesome thing. You have inspired many, many people around the country. Good job on standing your ground, and talking about a tough topic, and for standing up to what you believe in. This overall was an amazing presentation.
Sincerely, Grade 10 Student.

Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for coming to our school and taking time out of your busy life to teach us about bullying. It was brave of you to stay even though you were the first coloured person in your school, even after all that bullying and harassment and no one did anything about it. I really like how you used humour. You are really funny and creative with your humour. If you get a chance you should be a comedian – you would be hilarious.
    It takes a lot of guts to do what you do. What Rachel did to you was unforgiveable; it would have taken me a long time to forgive her like you did. You are a very high energy person; I really enjoyed your presentation. I would probably have not paid attention but you made it funny. Your story is one of those stories that you hear all around the world – the way that they bullied you. They should have gone to jail for that. You are a very great person, with a great story.
Thank you, Grade 10 Student

To Jeremy,
    I enjoyed your presentation, thank you for coming to share your story. I don’t know how you can go around and tell everyone – a bunch of random strangers – what you went through. You’re a really strong person to be able to do that with such a happy mood, and stay so positive.
    I’m surprised how well your family took it and how when people put you down you seemed to keep your head up and move on. I know what it’s like to move schools and know no-one, it’s hard! Although my experience wasn’t nearly as bad as yours, it still wasn’t easy. To hear you talk about people ignoring you and making fun of you just for your sexual orientation and skin colour, breaks my heart. That’s something that’s uncontrollable and people should just accept it and move on. I’m glad you had the courage to come and talk to us today.
Adios, Grade 10 Student

Dear Jeremy,
I am happy that you shared with all the people how one life can make a difference in the big picture. I am like you too because I don’t have a lot of friends, and I like to be alone.
Grade 10 student

Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for taking the time to come to our school to share your story. Your presentation was very inspirational. It is amazing how you were able to put up with all the bullying and racism from other students. It is great that you are so open about being gay. I liked how when you were telling your story you used humour to help keep everyone engaged and listening to what you had to say. I think it is great that you travel all around to different schools to share your message. I really enjoyed your presentation and found it very interesting and I learned a lot. Thank you for sharing your story.
Grade 10 student

Dear Jeremy,
    On behalf of the Sturgeon Heights student body, I would like to thank you for the presentation you gave us today at our school. We probably don’t understand how difficult your life must have been.
    Telling us about your troubled past and talking about it so happy and carefree is really inspirational. I think that other gay people might come and tell their friends and family.
    I liked your presentation because it didn’t just tell us about your past but how you look back on it as an inspiration to not let anything get in your way and push you down.
    I found you to be an inspiration or idol to me and/or gay people here at Sturgeon Heights. Hopefully we see you and Jer’s Vision around Winnipeg soon.
From, Grade 10 Student