Launch of Rupert Raj Resources

CCGSD is proud to announce the launch of a resource partnership with Rupert Raj. Rupert has graciously gifted CCGSD with some of the resources he used while  counselling  Trans, Intersex and Two-Spirit people ( including Gender non-conforming youth) in Toronto before retiring in 2017. These resources may be of use specifically for caregivers, parents, and youth who are looking to support folks in the Transgender (including gender non-conforming or non-binary), Two-Spirit, and Intersex communities. We hope these resources will provide a primary point of reference for folks beginning their learning journey relating to Trans healthcare.

These resources are circa 2016 and will be updated starting in the summer of 2019. We also encourage folks to check out resources at Rainbow Health Ontario to learn more about the specifics of medical intervention, which can include but is not limited to puberty suppressants (hormone blockers) or cross-sex hormones, and/or gender-confirmation surgeries.

A trans elder, Rupert Raj has been a Eurasian-Canadian, pansexual, trans activist since 1971, founding six support groups/service organizations for transsexuals and crossdressers across Canada. As a former psychotherapist/gender consultant from 2000 to 2015, he counselled queer, transgender, genderqueer, gender non-binary, intersex and Two-Spirit people and their loved ones, and trained mental health professionals in transpositive healthcare. In 2013, he was inducted into the Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives (Toronto), where The Rupert Raj Collection is housed. His three books include: Trans Activism in Canada: A Reader (co-edited with Dan Irving, PhD, Canadian Scholar’s Press, 2014), Of Souls & Roles, Of Sex & Gender: A Treasury of Transsexual, Transgenderist & Transvestic Verse from 1967 to 1991 (unpublished, 2017, revised 2018; free PDF available online through the Transgender Archives and the Digital Transgender Archive), and Dancing The Dialectic: True Tales of A Transgender Trailblazer (self-published, 2017; second edition coming out with Transgender Publishing in 2020). (See Wikipedia for more information). The following is a collection of educational files compiled or written by Rupert Raj, covering a range of topics, such as navigating healthcare as a person of trans experience, as well as resources for certain subgroups of the community.