Lambton College LGBTQ+ Forum

Lambton College Residence Don Training – August 30, 2016 – Lambton College Residence and Event Centre,  1457 London Road, Sarnia, ON

Lambton College has partnered with The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) to bring LGBTQ+ inclusivity training to Lambton College Residence Dons.

CCGSD will be providing training on inclusive language, LGBTQ+ 101 as well as practical hands-on behaviour rehearsals on various situations such as: coming out and combating homophobic or transphobic language. CCGSD will provide Residence Dons with the language and skills they need to respond to these situations in a timely, inclusive and educated manner while being a Residence Don at Lambton College.

For more information on this forum please contact Crystal Fach, Senior Manager and Conferences Manager at The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity through the email or by calling (613) 400-1875 if you are a Lambton College Residence Don and would like more information please contact Tim Pearce at