Kingston's DTSO Youth Diversity Conference Moved & Educated Many

Presented by Immigrant Services Kingston and Area youth, Jer’s Vision, the Limestone District School Board– March 4th delivered fun and learning to students in the Kingston, Ontario area. 

The Dare To Stand Out conference started with a First Nations welcome and then a keynote by Lukayo Estrella. Afterwards, there were many choices of workshops to attend, such as Anti-Racism, Queer History, Trans 101, Cross-Cultural Games, and Stereotypes & Bullying. 
Before lunch, the students watched a brief dance performance depicting Filipino culture, in order to emphasize the cultural diversity aspect of the day. In the afternoon, more workshops were set up in order to inform students of the different ways they can bring the information they learned back to their schools. These workshops included Game Show/Media, Slam Poetry, Set Up GSA, Body Images, and Newcomer Experiences.
The students returned to their homes and schools knowing a lot new information about cultural diversity and LGBTQ issues, and ways to present them to their friends and classmates.