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My name is Bessie and I’m currently in Grade 12 at Ashbury College high school. When I was in Grade 10, to help out classmates who were struggling with homework, I created a free, online peer tutoring service called Students Teaching Students (STS). I built a website (, rounded up a group of trustworthy students and collectively we started to offer online homework help throughout the week. Help is offered in all subjects; older students tutor younger students, and receive volunteer hours. 

Due to its success at my school, Students Teaching Students has spread across the city to other schools including Colonel By and Lisgar. At each school, students tutor their schoolmates. I work with schools to personalize STS to their needs, train their STS team and build a website for them. All of this is at no cost to the school. There are three main qualities that have allowed STS to reach thousands of students across Ottawa so far:

1) Everyone wins. The service is free and schools/tutees don’t have to pay anything. On the other end, tutors receive volunteer hours and have the chance to help younger students. 
2) The tutoring service is very safe because students tutor their own schoolmates, and everything posted on the STS website must be approved by a tutor before it appears publicly.
3) There is the need for readily available homework help.  

I invite you to take a look at , and to visit /ashbury to see how the service is currently going at my school. My main goal with STS has been to make the learning process a little bit easier, with what I can do. I’d like for this service to touch as many people as possible, so I’m hoping to continue expanding STS in Ottawa and beyond.

Thanks so much, and please feel free to ask any questions.

Warmest regards,

Bessie Zhang
Grade 12
Ashbury College