Jer's Vision Volunteers Hit the Streets!

Hi Everyone,

Often when I’m downtown I will run into people canvassing for different organization. I’ll regularly be stopped by people just wanting to talk to me about Amnesty International, The Red Cross, The Humane Society, and many other great organizations. I always enjoy speaking with them about world issues and how we can help.

This summer we thought Jer’s Vision should be hitting the streets too, so on Tuesday afternoon myself and volunteer Abby went to hand out free Jer’s Vision buttons and just talk to people about what we do. Many people were thrilled to see us and loved the free Rainbow Pride, Day of Pink, and Transgender Pride buttons we were handing out. People even gave us donations to support our great cause.

Look out for Jer’s Vision volunteers on Sparks Street during the week and come say hi.

If you want to volunteer with Jer’s Vision, either by canvassing downtown, or marching with us in this year’s pride parade email Hannah at to get set up.

-Have a Great Day,
Hannah Collins
Educational Coordinator