Jer's Vision visits the Township of Russell with anti-bullying and spoken word workshops!

On Thursday October 3rd, Lukayo “Luke” Faye Estrella and 3 volunteers (Abby, Ben, and Zoe) went to Russell High School to expand minds and poetic talents by doing workshops all day for Grades 8-12. They began with standard GRIS workshops to humanize sexual diversity and demystify gender diversity. Then Luke and Abby presented a special workshop on learning slam poetry and spoken word with a self-empowerment and anti-bullying focus for a Grade 10 class while Ben and Zoe continued to do GRIS workshops for other classes and grades in the school. The day ended with an after school session for leaders of the Link Crew (student mentors), Rainbow Alliance members, and administratrive staff that role-played effective anti-bullying strategies and gave suggestions for creating a more inclusive school culture through changing forms, bathrooms, and curriculums.

Teacher Comments: “I liked the easy-going attitude of the presenters and their openness in answering all questions. The Q&A approach worked really well and the presenters always had something to add to fill in any ‘quiet spaces’. Thank you!”

Student Comments:

“Yes, I understand why it’s important to stop homophobia and transphobia because we all have a right to be happy and feel comfortable with ourselves.”

“In the future I might work at that kind of organization to help people!”