Jer's Vision statement on Capital Pride

Yesterday at the Annual General Meeting of Capital Pride its members passed a resolution by majority vote to declare bankruptcy, thus effectively liquidating the organization. It is our understanding that a forensic audit and possibly police investigations will be a part of this process. Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative is both deeply saddened by the end of an era of Pride in the Capital region and deeply thankful to the organizers, funders, and community partners that devoted so much of their time, energy, resources, and passion to this festival for so many years.

Furthermore, we are excited and optimistic about the opportunities for the renewal, revitalization, and sustainability that come along with this new chapter of the Pride movement in the Capital region. We believe that the spirit of Pride will endure in the hearts and work of our community members and that the community will develop a new organization or organizations to house it in the coming months. Such a new organization or organizations now have an incredible opportunity for community consultation, radical inclusion, and sound financial and organizational policies.

There will be hard work for the community to do in coming months and Jer’s Vision looks forward to playing a supportive role to the extent of its capacity. We encourage a broad-based community consultation and open nomination process for the board of any new organization. Jer’s Vision has meeting space that can be booked at no cost for community members seeking to organize for the future of Pride in the Capital region, should they require it.

Once a new organization or organizations are created, Jer’s Vision looks forward to being a community partner and offering any of the resources at its disposal to the fledgling organization or organizations. Lastly, Jer’s Vision is committed to again organize its Annual Boat Cruise in 2015, which typically falls around the time of the Pride Festival. We look forward to the possibility of again hosting this as a Pride-affiliated event, to marching with our community in celebration and protest, and working with the new community-chosen embodiment of Pride in 2015.

Should you have any question, please reach out to us at:

In solidarity,

Sarah Littisha Jansen
GSA Forum Coordinator