Jer's Vision goes to Pembroke!

Thursday Melanie and Shannon went to Pembroke to speak with students at Fellowes High School.   They spoke to over 100 students in physical education and social science classes about LGBTQ issues and had a great time!

Here’s what students and teachers had to say about the workshops:

“[I liked] everything about the presentation 🙂 The wonderful and welcoming personalities of the presenters, the open forum and freedom to discuss.”  Teacher

“I think you opened the eyes of a lot of people! I think being able to talk about it so openly makes people more comfortable, with others and themselves.”  Student, age 17

“The presentation was good and I learned a lot about LGBTQ communities that I didn’t know about already.” Student, age 17

“Very open discussion, easy going, really natural and awesome and informative- yay!” Student, age 17