Jer's Vision brings empathy and inspiration to District School Board Ontario North East

A message from Keri Shepherdson, Principal at Englehart Public School:

A message from Keri Shepherdson, Principal at Englehart Public School:

“He was so funny!”  “Why would people act like that?”  “He really made me think” were just some of the comments we received from students after hearing Jeremy speak.  His warm and personable manner and his heartfelt stories made the anti-bullying message real for students.  Jeremy’s visit helped to set the stage for important discussions in our high schools around bullying, and homophobic bullying in particular, and the long-lasting effects bullying has on people – both physically and emotionally.  As educators, the power of Jeremy’s visit was the dialogue that it sparked between students – the outrage that they felt toward the bully and the empathy they developed for the bullied.  Many students expressed an interest in getting involved and “doing something” to make their schools safer places for everyone. 

“Thank you so much for bringing Jeremy to our school.  Now I know that I can make it!”

(Grade 10 student)

Working with Jer’s Vision was a wonderful experience from start to finish.  Everyone was friendly and helpful and supportive during each step of the process – in talking about what we hoped to achieve, thinking about how that could be accomplished and putting the plan into motion.  The school presentations made a huge impact on our students and staff, and because of this, we are eagerly looking forward to partnering with Jer’s vision again in the future to organize other student events.   Thank you for bringing Jer’s vision to District School Board Ontario North East.