Jer's Vision at Ridegmont HS!

Last week Shannon and Melanie visited Ridgemont High School to give phys ed students workshops about queer communities and launched Shannon’s new workshop on consent in healthy relationships! The presenters and students had a blast!

“I really believed that you answered all of the girls’ questions well. The girls seemed enlightened on this issue. Great work!” – Teacher
“I really thought this presentation was informative and relaxing. Great personal stories!” – Teacher
“You guys are very friendly and produced a comfortable atmosphere.” – Student, age 17
“It’s not right to disrespect people who are different. Even though I’m not gay, I think it’s great what your organization is doing!” Student, age 14
“I’m glad that organizations like Jer’s Vision are coming to schools to talk about this, because if more people understand, there’ll be less of a stigma with the word ‘gay’.” Student, age 13 (almost 14)