Jeremy Piamonte

Jeremy Piamonte hails from the St. Lawrence Valley, where he was raised until moving to Ottawa in 2011 to receive a post-secondary education in Theatre Arts at Algonquin College. While studying theatre, he put much of his effort into youth empowerment through the arts and education. It was his involvement in this and through organizations like the Youth Infringement Festival that inspired him to pursue roles in event management centred on youth.

Having always witnessed discrimination and bullying through his past and in his present, Jeremy decided to take an active role in combating it. His role as the conference coordinator at the CCGSD blends his experience and success in event management with his drive to stand up against hate by teaching the new generation the value of inclusivity. It is his hope that he may be a successful agent for social justice and creating a world that respects and embraces people of all identities.

Jeremy is still very involved in the Ottawa theatre community and runs his own production company, SixOneThird Productions. He prefers to manage from behind the scenes as a director, writer, and producer. Once a month, you can catch him at the Mayfair Theatre where he performs as Riff Raff in the Absent Friends Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast. Outside of the theatre, you can expect Jeremy to be enjoying fine wine or inwardly critiquing a TV show or movie.

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