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Dear Friends,
This last 2 weeks have been amazing! 

With schools starting across the country, the JersVision team has been running workshops and presentations in schools and post secondary institutions.

Returning from Northern Ontario this week, and New Brunswick last week, I was so excited to run programming addressing homophobic and transphobic bullying in a number of rural and remote schools (including some regions where they have never talked about such topics). 
In the Ottawa valley, our new educational coordinators Cameron & Hannah have been running workshops and are busy every day til the end of October. Faye Estrella has been busy organizing all of our 16 Dare to Stand Out Conferences; and Loresa is managing our office, new volunteers, and our 9 new coop, as well as the big HepC Forum for December. We would also like to say welcome to Victor, our new Day of Pink Coordinator (updates coming soon).
That said, the reason for this brief update is because people like you have been callingand emailing asking for our charitable registration number so that you can direct your United Way Workplace Campaign donations to (and the Day of Pink)
Our charitable number: 863 207 981 RR0001
Our full charitable name: Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative
For every dollar you donate, you will be educating one student; and with our low-overhead, environmentally friendly practices and generous in-kind donations, you know that your investment will be maximized.
While speaking to one donor yesterday, I asked why he choose, and he said his top 5 reasons where:
  1. runs one of a kind programming in Canada, we are not just addressing bullying, homophobia & transphobia, we are preventing it.
  2. is youth-run, and programming is about youth engaging youth to be the change they want to see in their schools and communities
  3. Your invest produces results, you can track real changes in schools and youth communities
  4. We work everywhere, and give rural and remote communities the support they need, often being the first organization to engage on these topics
  5. We work intersectionally & inclusively at challenges around bullying & discrimination. We work to address complex problems with complex and varied solutions that are customized for the varied communities we work with (including: elementary, secondary, Catholic, French, and many more).
If you want to make your donation more meaningfulconsider donating monthly or make a one time donation directly to Donating directly means that there is no overhead charges, and your dollar is maximized.
Also, follow us on Twitter or Facebook to know what we do every day, and see your investment at work. 

Jeremy Dias

direct: 613-400-1875
office: 440 Albert St, suite C304
Jer’s Vision: Canada’s Youth Diversity Initiative
Promoting diversity and ending discrimination  

The international Day of Pink (April 10, 2013)
Sign up for 2012; and make a difference!