Increasing openness, transparency and accountability

Dear friends,

It seems like only yesterday that I became Board President, but it has already been 6 months! (Feel free to read my introduction letter).

Over the past few months, the CCGSD has been incredibly busy with exciting workshops, forums and educational programs. We are also proud to have launched new initiatives such as the Canada 2017 Rainbow Grants, an awareness campaign for Bill C-39, and the upcoming Canadian LGBTQ+ Politicians’ Summit.

At the Board level, we are in a constant state of governance review and renewal. We have implemented new best practices and other tools to help ensure that the governance structure of the organization meets the needs of our community. We will continue to strive to improve upon our governance structure, and we will continue to develop governance policies, and be transparent and accountable to the community, supporters, funders and sponsors with respect to all aspects and matters of the organization.

In the interest of ongoing renewal, we welcome community feedback.

Sometimes feedback is positive, sometimes constructive, and sometimes it can be difficult to hear. For me, it is the critical comments that are the most important those perspectives help us to envision something better.

As such, I am so happy to make two announcements.

  1. First, following feedback from our recent Dare to Stand Out Conference (December 2017), we have released a document that we feel adequately responds to the concerns brought to our attention. It is available here.
    Once it was released, we heard that folks wanted more, and as such we have drafted a second version here. This document seeks to respond to the feedback we received following our Dare to Stand Out Conference (December 2017), and highlight how we hope to make all Forums better for participants, staff and volunteers. Read the document here.
  2. Second, we have developed a new tool to invite feedback in an open, transparent and accountable way. Starting today, every six months the CCGSD will be releasing a document with all of the feedback we have received followed by clear responses on how we hope to take action on concerns and critiques. Learn more about how you can participate by clicking here to access our Feedback Tool.

What some of you may not know is that I am a founder of the CCGSD, a single mom, a passionate social justice activist, a part-time worker, and a full-time Ph.D. student at uOttawa. I am proud to volunteer at an organization that is making our country a better place.

On behalf of my team and staff, we look forward to meeting more of you, chatting with you, learning with you, bettering this organization, and continuing to make the CCGSD a place for everyone.


In solidarity,

Board President