Incident in Halifax

Ryan Raymond Taavel, former chairman of Halifax Pride and a well-known editor for Wayves magazine, was killed this morning. His work in the community will be greatly missed. He was dedicated to improving the lives of those around him, through his work on the Halifax Pride Committee, writing articles for Wayves Magazine, and volunteering for the community.

In this time of mouring we are reminded that violence and stigma are things that we must continually work to address and prevent.

Two years ago, Mr. Taavel wrote about a previous altercation where he was asked if he was gay, and upon answering yes, was attacked.

He wrote: “It’s tempting in this day and age of legislated liberties to think that a personal or collective vigilance is no longer required. It’s easy to lull ourselves into complacency, thinking there’s nothing left to fight for, or nothing left to achieve. Fighting back comes in many forms: reaching out, building bridges, educating, and, if need be, defending ourselves from physical harm.”

We must always be vigilant, we must look to Mr. Taavel’s example, and continue to make the world a better place in any way we can. Every step we take must be forward. Everyone is deserving of dignity and respect.

On behalf of Jer’s Vision our sincerest condolences go to his friends and family, and to the Halifax Regional Municipality. We have lost a great man today.

Schuyler Smith
Atlantic Coordinator

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