How we'll turn the tide LGBTQ youth



If you think we take a break during the summer, then we have a surprise for YOU!
Here at the Day of Pink office, we are working harder than ever to get ready for next year, as well as running presentations on anti-bullying at workplaces, community organizations and summer youth programs!
What have we done for you lately:
  • Ran the first LGBTQ-anti-bullying workshops in Provost, Alberta (read more here)
  • Youth organized a Summer Concert Fundraiser (read more here)
  • Creating the Bullying Monologues, to launch this fall (SEND US YOUR STORY HERE, read more here)
  • Working with Police Services across Canada to make it better (read more here)
  • Working in Renfrew County to make services more accessible (read more here)
  • Working with teachers to make it better for your students (read more here)
  • Working at Mount Forest Secondary & other rural communities (read more here)
  • Worked to help pass Ontario Bill 13 (Accepting schools act) & Ontario Bill 33 (Toby’s act) (read more here)
  • Organizing the country’s first mentorship day with LGBTQ youth & Members of Parliament (read more here, and here)
  • Working for Trans Rights by getting Federal Bill 279 passed (read more here)
  • Working with CATIE on their Intersexions & Interjections event (read more here)
  • Being recognized for amazing work by (read more here)
The BIG Projects we are working on NOW:
  • Getting resources and tools ready for the Day of Pink (April 10, 2013)
  • Organizing 15 conference & training events across Canada for youth to learn to address and prevent homophobic & transphobic bullying in their schools & communities
  • Organizing the National Youth HepC Forum for Dec 2012
  • Booking workshops, training and consultations to improve schools and youth communities
  • Organizing The Parliamentary MP & Senator Anti-Bullying Day
  • Prepping & running events at Pride Festivals

Get your ticket for the–Capital Pride Summer Boat Cruise (Aug 16, 2012–7pm). Tickets are only $25 for the open bar event that will bring you on a luxurious tour of the Ottawa Canal aboard Paul’s Boat Cruise, featuring Peller Estates & Beau’s Brewery, and prizes from Bridgehead Coffee & Lush Cosmetics. RSVP your tickets by emailing:
This summer we need 50 new individual donors (like YOU) to donate $5 a month to help us engage 1500  youth at our conferences and training events. At only $2 per youth, and for the monthly cost of a latt√©, you will be investing in the only LGBTQ youth events that support youth and teach them to engage in their community, so they can make their schools safer. Our programming not only reaches high school youth, but also rural, separate (Catholic) schools and elementary/middle schools. This month we got 6 donors, so we only need 44 more. We hope you will be one of them. Sign up here!

Thank you, and happy summer!
Faye Estrella
Conference Director
new office: 440 Albert St, suite C304
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