Green Party's response to Jer's Vision's Election Survey


Please see The Green Party's response to the survey Jer's Vision distributed to all the parties for the May 2nd Election below.

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What are the main goals for you for this election?
Our goal this election is to engage voters. We are concerned that voters are disengaged because politics have become so toxic. During we the first week of the campaign, we challenged the other parties to be more positive by showing an ability to cooperate on policy proposals. We put forward three issues that we though all parties could get behind and support including education and employment for youth, protecting our national health care system and high-speed rail. We hope that by showing cooperation and goodwill, we can prevent Canadians from giving up on democracy. And of course, our other goal is to elect Green Party MPs to Parliament so that the close to 1 million people who vote Green will finally have some representation.

What do you feel you and your party have brought to the youth in the community?
The Green Party of Canada and Elizabeth May have continuously brought forward the critical issues that have been ignored by the other major Parties in this country. Elizabeth May continues to be the leading advocate on the issues that matter to youth, from climate change to democratic reform. We are the only party that has continued to fight for a true democracy where every vote counts. The Green Party has addressed the critical issue of youth unemployment. Too many young Canadians are finding it impossible to break into the workforce after their education is complete. That is why we have a clear and pragmatic commitment to create a municipal youth employment program that will create 120 000 local jobs in our Community & Environment Service Corps. This will provide out of work youth with the critical work experience necessary to excel in a green economy.


What do you feel you have done for LGBT community?
In 1996, the Green Party of Canada was the first national political party to support equal marriage for all Canadians, regardless of sexual orientation. Since then the Green Party has continued to fight for equal rights for all Canadians. Our vision is, and always will be, one of a world free from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, a world in which difference is accepted and even celebrated. We are proud of our record and we look forward to continuing on support and involvement with the LGBT community.

In this election, what do you feel your party offers youth especially when it comes to anti-bullying in Canada?
The Green Party of Canada believes that healthy communities play a central role in ensuring that youth are protected from the harms of bullying. Safe, strong, and vibrant communities are at the heart of the Green Party’s vision for the future of Canada – a Canada where we share responsibilities and respect for each other. That is why the Green Party’s platform includes the commitment to create six municipal superfunds which will allow communities to invest in sports, cultural and recreational facilities as well as new cycling and pedestrian initiatives, to ensure that youth have the ability to easily access those activities they enjoy. This is critically important for bullied youth, who we endeavour to provide youth the freedom to access the kinds of activities, which will build their self-confidence and provide them the support networks they need. We look forward to working together with provincial and municipal officials to create programs which best address the needs of youth in specific circumstances.

Why is it important for youth to come out and vote for you; what should youth who cannot vote do?
We believe that young voters are less patient with the negative and hyper-partisan state of Canadian politics. We have responded to this by doing politics with a spirit of cooperation, and by offering a refreshing alternative to politics as usual. We choose to focus on being positive, cooperative and getting things done. For this reason, the Green Party of Canada is the party of choice among young Canadian voters and it is why Elizabeth May opened the campaign with a video message to young voters. It can be viewed here.

Youth play a critical role in how our party functions. We have a very active youth wing and young people are involved in every aspect of the party. Both our member elected Federal Council and Campaign Committee have youth members that have full voting rights. We also have a person on our policy committee that focuses on youth and education issues. In the 2008 election over 10% of our candidates were under the age of 30, more than any other party.