Glebe and Richard Pfaff

Today marked Team Educations third trip this term to Glebe H.S. and our second to Richard Pfaff. At 9am sharp, Cameron and Charlie presented a Queer history workshop, which covers LGBT history in the 20th-21st centuries, to a grade 10 History class. Topics of discussion included going over Stonewall, the Canadian War on Queers, the We Demand Declaration of 1971 and various legal victories. We had a great time presenting and will be back in 13 days to present to a Phys. Ed. class and then again in January to present a history workshop. It is always a pleasure for us to present at Glebe and we would like to thank Mr. Wilson for his help in sharing queer history with his students. After this workshop, we headed to Richard Pfaff and met up with our volunteer, Cameron G, to present a GRIS workshop to a lifeskills class. We had lively discussions about non-binary identities, the nature vs. nurture debate, the gender binary and queer and asexual as umbrella terms. A great time was had by all three presenters and we will have the pleasure of returning to Pfaff at least 3 times throughout the rest of the school year.