Gender Diversity Presentations in Kingston!

Earlier this week, Lukayo Estrella had an exciting time in Kingston doing Grade 7&8 workshops for the Limestone District School Board on gender diversity and how to build allyship with genderfabulous folk and trans people. Lukayo spoke from their lived experience, as well as perspectives on decolonizing gender and moving towards a less cissexist society that can better address transmisogyny and transphobia. Each workshop also had spoken word and a theatre activity taught to Lukayo by an amazing educator, Anya Gwynne, from PARN (Peterborough AIDS Resource Network).

“The feedback from teachers and students was very positive as was the message Lukayo shared on gender. The presentation sets the tone for equity and inclusion and gives students strategies for dealing with questions of gender identity, both their own and those of their peers.”

– Teacher, Limestone District School Board