Candidates with a Cause!

Join your fellow municipal elections candidates on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 to stop bullying in Ottawa!

We invite you to spend your lunch in you community giving away Day of Pink buttons, inviting constituents to volunteer and raising money to stop bullying in Ottawa.


What is Candidates for a Cause? 

Championed by Ottawa students Zac Johnstone & Zack Ward, the plan is simple:

Step 1: We invite you to stop by the Jer’s Vision office anytime before September 23 to get your kit, which includes t-shirts, buttons, promotional material and talking points.

Step 2: Come to the media event & photo shoot at the Jer’s Vision office on Tuesday, September 23 at 10am to share with local and national media your passion for the cause and your plan to make Ottawa a safer community.

Step 3: Choose a busy location in your community and for 1-2 hours at lunch meet with your constituents, give away buttons & information and raise money to fund anti-bullying work in schools in your community.

Step 4: Return supplies and donations back to the Jer’s Vision office. 


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