Education Team November Blog Post

It’s been an exciting first few months here at CCGSD. It’s great to work for an organization where your Gender and Sexuality Educator dreams can be realized. November has been a very busy month for the Education side of the organization, and its ALL about inclusion and inclusivity.
This month the Education team has been able to travel from Toronto to Vankleek Hill preforming workshops of all different kinds for Teachers and Students in our province. Hastings and Envision Conference along with the  Rainbow Youth Forum were definitely my biggest highlights of the month. There is truly nothing better than being in space with queer youth and allys talking about gender and sexuality. I had the opportunity this month to answer questions, get to know more about youth’s lived experience and what is important to them. From what I have seen in my work this month high quality and comprehensive education is not something youth strive to attain but rather something they actively seek out through educators like myself, my colleges and other organizations.
CCGSD partnered with the Toronto District School Board this month to facilitate the Envision Conference in Downtown Toronto. Our Intimate Partner Violence Co-Ordinator Adri Bravo was able to talk to students about Consent and Healthy relationships while I preformed a workshop Exploring Intersecting Identities. I was amazed by the participants ability to talk about their own identities and how these unique intersections form their sense of self and identity. One participant commented that their favorite part of my workshop was being able to “find a label that works for me”. The goal of any education program is to uncover our on identities as well as the identities of others and foster a more accepting, diverse and inclusive society.
This month was also a time for training new volunteers. Through two separate trainings I was able to support our new volunteers who are now trained and ready to hit the ground running as tabling support staff at events and co-facilitators in schools. Expanding our volunteer team has been a project I take pride in as a person who developed my career skills by volunteering with other non-profit organization in Ontario and Quebec
I am excited for what’s in store for the remainder of the year closing out with many school workshops, revamping current workshops and also creating my own workshop through the prospective of my lived experience as a Queer Black Women. I can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for our education team and the organization as a whole.
Stay Curious,Stay Weird and have lovely winter season everyone!