do you know where the Rainbow Flag comes from?

Now is your chance to meet its creator and find out…

On August 20th, join me and The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity on our Pride Boat Cruise for the opportunity to meet Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Pride flag.

When Gilbert Baker created the Pride Flag in 1978, he wanted to create a symbol that reflected the diversity of our community. Moving away from traditionally reclaimed symbols (like the pink triangle), he worked with the community to make something we could call our own.  And that is only the beginning of the story.

Will you join me at the Pride Boat Cruise and hear all of Gilbert’s story?

Pride has always been an incredible experience for me. I still remember my first Pride–I nervously showed up draped in a rainbow flag, not knowing to expect.

I had to learn to be proud, and how to accept myself for who I am. I was lucky, because I had a safe home and supportive parents. But too many youth don’t have that. Too many youth are taught to feel shame. They are bullied, assaulted and harassed. Our own schools, and too often our homes, are not safe for us.

I was lucky, but not everyone has my luck. That’s why my pride is always political.

Every dollar from your $17 Pride Boat Cruise ticket makes a difference. Every dollar helps us reach one more youth.

We need your help.

Get your tickets soon, because this unique opportunity to meet artist Gilbert Baker –the Pride Flag Creator, a campaign organizer for Harvey Milk, and human rights activist– will sell out quick.

Notes: This is a fully accessible, family-friendly, bilingual event. Should you have any questions, please let us know. For media or partnership inquiries, please email:

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