De La Salle Wears Purple for Spirit Day

L’École secondaire publique De La Salle is a proud partner of Jer’s Vision and its core values. Teachers at De La Salle started working with Jer’s Vision when they decided to take a stand and sensitize students about discrimination, homophobia and acceptance of all differences. For the past 4 years, Jer’s Vision has been a loyal partner in helping us create a solid diversity group, and interactive and interesting diversity celebrations. Jeremy himself has been very generous of his time and energy towards the francophone students at De La Salle, delivering 100% french conferences and working hard towards francophones ressources for our french speaking teens.

Our “Journée mauve” was a huge success – making a purple tsunami within the school. The student body also rallied behind Jer’s Vision and within 2 days, raised over 200$ in coins to help create more ressources and the hope of a future without discrimination. Besides, we all have a little unicorn inside ourselves, do we not?

Michelle Goulet
Teacher, école De La Salle, Ottawa