Day of Pink Champion & Out GTA Teacher needs YOUR help

Day of Pink Champion & Out GTA Teacher needs YOUR help

About the Project

Plege your support here!

Day of Pink Champion & Out GTA Teacher needs YOUR help

About the Project

Plege your support here!

Defying Gay Gravity was initially written as my own personal response to fulfilling on a childhood regret: coming out as a kid in middle school. Instead, I waited until years later when I felt safe and self-assured that it was a step I was willing to take. The book however transformed into the personal journey of Gordi and how he comes to accept himself for who he is: a gay boy looking to find a place for himself in the world.

Students around the ages of 13 and 14, who are struggling to come to terms with their own identity, will really find that Gordi’s voice is relatable. Drawing on their own personal experiences and finding ways to confront and face some questions that they are dealing with, as students or kids, this book can serve as a guide to help them navigate through this challenging part of their lives—LGBTTIQQ2S (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgendered, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, or Two-Spirited) or not.

Providing a platform for the discussions to take place, and having the hard conversations is what it’s about.

Who We Are

February 2012 marked the beginning of this project.

My name is Greg Kentris, and I’ve been a teacher here in the Peel District School Board for six years now. As a kid and now as an adult, I am committed to building and maintaining safe and inclusive spaces for all students, especially those who are LGBTTIQQ2S.

Over the past 16 months, we have had an amazing group of people who have jumped on board to get this book out to meet the people. Editors, Intellectual Property Lawyers, a series of Graphic Designers, Videographers, Artists, Teachers hosted through a number of focus-group sessions, and Families willing to read this book and provide feedback… that this book is so much more ours than it is mine.

It’s our shared commitment to knowing that actions are what makes the difference.

Buying a book and having conversations with your students or youth will help bring Gordi’s experience off the pages, and into the lives of our children.

What We Need

250 books, in 45 days. That’s our goal. Anything beyond that would be amazing!

So much of the work that went into building this book was thanks to the people, the professionals, who used their trades to help bring this project to life. The skilled, talented, and amazingly gracious people offered so much more of themselves that I could have asked for, at a fraction of the cost.

By supporting this project, you are not merely buying a book and paying for the printing costs. You would be giving back to those who worked tirelessly in the background, and would be helping to support their continued efforts to causes like this one.

Without these people, Defying Gay Gravity would be as invisible as the students who are struggling to come out.

What You Get

Looking at the tiers to the right, whatever option you choose, what you get is the knowledge and awareness that you’re invested in children figuring out their lives for themselves. Being a guide, a coach, a support is a noble task that helps to facilitate the overall process of coming to terms with who are.

Whether you donate money to the project, procure one or more copies of the book, or donate one or several novels to others in the world, you’ll be creating a place for conversations to happen.

Defying Gay Gravity is a novel that is much more than a book: it’s a tool to helping someone get their life.

Educator’s Guide

Getting our campaign fully backed would mean that the teacher’s we have on stand-by would come together this summer to create an Educator’s Guide. This free resource would be made available so that educators who plan on using the book as a read-aloud could draw on some key Language Arts or Dramatic Arts lessons to explore with their class.

The key here is being able to go deeper into the concepts addressed in the book in meaningful ways!

The Impact

Your support, your commitment to taking the actions necessary for creating a safe and loving world for generations to come is the real impact.

Being a voice for those who have lost theirs, who continue to be silenced in the various places and spaces of our world (in Canada and especially abroad), this is the real work.

By inspiring the youth of today to go out and be unstoppable allies for the cause, you are choosing to be part of an impact that cannot be measured or quantified. It can only be felt in the hearts and minds of those lives you touch.

Plege your support here!

Other To Dos:

1. Spread the word. Copy and paste this website’s URL and send it to people via e-mail who you think would be interested in participating in the project.

2. Talk to your child’s teacher or an educator about using this amazing tool as an entry point into conversations around LGBTTIQQ2S identities, at school.

3. Connect us with agencies in your community that you think might be interested in this book. We can do the follow-up, if you provide us with the contact information.

E-mail us at

Questions/Where to go to get answers…

Still need some convincing?

E-mail us your queries, and we’d be happy to clarify at

Truly, we’re committed to helping you reach out to the kids in your life in a meaningful way.