Day of Pink 2016 artists


Day of Pink 2016 artists will include:

Ashley Grenstone

The artist Ashley Grenstone identifies as a trans woman of Aboriginal and European ancestry. Her artistic focuses range from graphic design to acrylic painting and photography, while her specialization is in logo development.

David White Deer Charette

David White Deer Charette is a local Two Spirit hand drum singer from Wekwikmikong Unceded Indian Reserve with a powerful and moving voice who has supported many indigenous organizations and movements, like Assembly of Seven Generations and Idle No More. Some of his most recent accomplishments are his performances in Thailand and for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Debby is a queer black feminist and multimedia artist currently residing in Ottawa, Ontario. They are deeply dedicated to revolutionary anti-oppression and the liberation of black gurls through art, friendship and ancestral blood memory. Their work explores the complexities of black gurlhood and diaspora and all the intersections within. Their recent works include the photo essay: SICK SAD BLCK GURL and the DJ mix: Black Feminist Political Thought.

Don Kwan

Don Kwan was born, raised—& now works—in Ottawa’s Chinatown. As both restaurateur & artist, he’s been keen over the past 20 years on bringing businesses together with the arts community. So it’s no wonder Don is also the founder of—& force behind—Chinatown Remixed Art Festival.

elsa solo shotElsa Mirzaei

Elsa is a 21 year old downer-pop artist whose influences come from countless hours spent in apartments and bedrooms of the queer people that surround him in his homestead in Ottawa’s Chinatown. He tells stories of love, diaspora and survival as a genderfluid youth through his spacey folk-pop guitar melodies and vulnerable lyrical work.

Mikki Bradshaw

Mikki bass May 10 2015_resizedMikki is a performer who keeps on striving…he has been fortunate enough in his career to open for the likes of Kinney Starr, Melissa Ferrick, The Cliks and Hunter Valentine…just to name a few! After a long hiatus he is back to doing what he loves…performing and bringing thought provoking lyrical styles to audiences… and most of all bringing joy where he can!

Rob Friday

Rob Friday is a self-taught multi-disciplinary First Nations artist and winner of the 2008 John Newlove Award for poetry. Raised in Temagami, educated in Toronto and now residing in Ottawa his paintings blend traditional Aboriginal art forms with ‘60’s folk art and psychedelia. The conceptual images of human, animal and nature forms allows the viewer to ponder each piece and find their own meaning within the patterns, colours, and line work. His artistry conveys his worldview and attempts to bridge the gap between the rural setting in which he grew up and the urban centers where he has lived his adult life. His paintings meld the delicate forms of nature with the austere shapes and patterns found in cities. He has participated in group shows in Temagami, Edmonton, Ottawa and most notably a juried show at the Beaux Art Centre in Brampton with renowned Ojibway artist Daphne Odjig as one of the panelists.


Rosy has a passion for racial justice but will not call herself an activist. Born in Montreal, raised in New York, and fashioned in Montreal again with a brief stay in her ancestral land of Haiti, Rosy is all about that esoteric knowledge,spirituality, symbolism with a womanist touch. She likes to uncover the intersections that affect the lives of black women from media representation, education, art, and health. As a member of BlakCollectiv a no nonsense organizing collective she takes pride in airing out Ottawa’s racist laundry.. The rest is for you to find out, watch this performance to get a glimpse of who she is.