Dare to Stand Out Sudbury Quotes

On December 16th Jer’s Vision brought Dare To Stand Out to Lasalle Secondary School in Sudbury, ON for a day full of workshops, a keynote by Jeremy and some comedy by Martha Chaves. The event drew students and teachers from a wide range of schools in North-Eastern Ontario, some of whom even traveled two hours to attend! Here’s what they had to say:

“DTSO was a fun opportunity to meet new wonderful people and learn more about our gay community and heritage.  I had an amazing experience and made great memories”
– student Lasalle Secondary School

“I thought that DTSO was an amazing opportunity to understand other people’s opinions on why GSAs are important to them and not just our school.  I hope it insipired some students as much as it inspired me”
– student Lasalle Secondary School

“DTSO was very insipring.  It opened up my eyes to the amount of discrimination there is and how strongly it affects people.  I learned a lot of useful infromation.  It inspired me to want to help more”
– student Lasalle Secondary School

“Jer’s Vision and the staff who organized the Dare to Stand Out Conference did it again!  Last year’s event breathed life into our languishing Gay Straight Alliance after I brought four kids in my own car to the point where we needed an entire bus this year!  The speakers were dynamic, interesting, approachable and knowledgeable, the snacks were great and the overall tone was accepting and supportive.”
– GSA Staff Advisor Espanola High School

“What an uplifting day!  Events were well organized.  Feedback from the students indicated they enjoyed all the workshops, and appreciated having a choice in what they attended.  Our students felt empowered and were motivated to plan an awareness event at our school.  The workshop they attended gave them the basic tools to do so.  We all very much enjoyed the comedian.  It was great to have a laugh break”.
– GSA Staff Advisor Sudbury Secondary School

“We live in a world where differences are noticed and used to exclude; youth are especially vulnerable to this phenomenon.  The beauty of DTSO is that it empowers students and teachers with knowledge and strategies to help make high schools safer and more inclusive for all youth.  With the help of Jer’s Vision and the DTSO conference we are able to make it better for our students now rather than just telling it gets better after high school.”
– GSA Staff Advisor Lasalle Secondary School

Thank you for your support Sudbury! Your enthusiasm is contagious and we can’t wait to come back next year.