Dare to Stand Out: Canada’s National GSM Service Providers’ Summit 2014

Welcome to the Summit 2014: 
Thank-you to our Delegates and Presenters who attended this Official WorldPride 2014 Affiliate Event!

This event was history in the making and marked the second time that we all came together to meet, discuss, and work together to create a strong national vision for the Canadian GSM Service Provider community. We were proud to welcome over 150 Delegates to the Dare to Stand Out: Canada’s National Gender and Sexual Minorities Service Providers’ Summit 2014. The Summit kicked-off with the Youth Solidarity Symposium on June 22nd, hosted by the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and the AGO at the learning centre of the AGO, which was a great intergenerational networking opportunity. Summit programming ran from June 23-24 at Ryerson University, in the George Vari Engineering Building, Rogers Communications Centre, and Kerr Hall.

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Summit 2014 Overview

Following suggestions from Delegates, Day 1 (June 23rd) of the Summit will focus on streamed programming that will engage, connect, and inspire the seven identified stakeholder groups. We hope the day will allow for information sharing, professional development and skill strengthening, so we can better work together nationally. Delegates are also free to register for other streams’ programming. The seven identified stakeholder groups are:

1. Organization Directors/Senior Managers/Board Members
2. Organization Front Line Staff
3. Health/HIV Service Providers (related to LGBTQ-A issues)
4. Education (Teachers/Administration/Board Equity Officers)
5. Labour Organizations
6. Institutional Allies Organizations (Police, Fire, Bylaw, Government….)
7. Queer & Trans Social/Religious/Sports/Employee Organizations

Day 2 (June 24th) of the Summit will focus on networking, idea sharing and national visioning. Like Day 1, it will give opportunities for professional development, however programming will not be divided by streams, allowing all Delegates to network and engage together.

This schedule hopes to: 1) Create a space for networking and relationship building; 2) Offer some incredible Professional Development; and 3) Explore some national visioning and look towards what might be desired in future events. 

New this year, there will be a $100 registration fee for organizations and a $50 fee for students and community members to attend. To keep the Summit accessible, there will be a limited number of registration accessibility waivers available for Delegates who are in financial need to attend. The form can be found here.

Delegates are still in charge of securing their own travel and accommodations (some grants and loans are available). Rooms at the International Living and Learning Centre can be booked for a cost of $90 per night (double, triple, and quadruple occupancy available).

This is an accessible and bilingual event. ASL Interpretation services and English-French/Anglais-Français Interpretation services will be available.

How it all started: History of Summit 2013

For a while LGBTQ-A* Service Providers across Canada have been talking about getting together, putting faces to names, and working better together. But in spite of good intentions, the lack of funding was a significant barrier to moving forward. 

After 3 years of discussion, Jeremy Dias at JersVision.org & Chad Smith at the Manitoba Rainbow Resource Centre, said “Let’s just do it”, and without money they started chatting with directors, managers and board members across Canada. Those conversations indicated a national interest, and Dare to Stand Out: Canada’s (first) National LGBTQ-A* Service Providers’ Summit was born.

Summit 2013 updates

Thank you everyone for your support and collaboration. 

This is a community event. If you have questions or want to be involved, please contact Sarah Littisha Jansen, the Summit Coordinator at teach@jersvision.org or at: 613-400-1875.