Comments from Sudbury

Over 3 days, Jer’s Vision director, Jeremy Dias, spoke to 17 schools in Northern Ontario. Here is what teachers had to say:

Jeremy is a warm soul with an incredible battle history. His ongoing campaign to end heterosexism and homophobia is admirable. He is engaging, funny, self-deprecating, insightful and always approachable. I have immense respect for Jeremy and for the work of the crew at Jer’s Vision.
Jeremy has a great way of building instant rapport with students.  Through his storytelling about his life, he effectively uses humour, a range of emotions and candor to talk about the challenging issues around racism and homophobia. Jeremy’s powerful messages were very well received by the students who were eager to engage him afterwards in thoughtful and honest questions about his experiences, hopes and heartfelt advice.
Jeremy was a pleasure to listen to. He told real life stories that the students could relate to. He was funny while discussing serious topics, which made it more engaging for our students. The students tend not to ask questions during presentations but our students had many goodd questions for Jeremy and were confortable asking them. It was overall a pleasure to listen to Jeremy speak at our school.