Check out the comments from Russell High School

Here are some comments from teachers at Russell High School. 

It was interesting how he spoke about the acceptable everyday language that we use. It is amazing what we let slide by. I had a student use the term “screwed” this morning in reference to results of a hockey game and his playoff chances. I stopped him and asked him to use another term (other students came up with messed up/in trouble, etc.) and I may have let it go by but for Jer’s message!”
– Jen Klatt, Gr.7&8 teacher

“Just that I thought the presentation was great and that I was impressed with the kinds of questions the kids asked afterwards.  I was with the 7-8-9 group, and their questions were mostly friendship/relationship based (like are you still friends with so-and-so, or are you still dating so-and-so) which was cool, and I think was a direct result of Jeremy telling his story in a personal, anecdotal way that the kids could relate to.  The workshop, however- or the one that my class attended anyway- wasn’t quite as focused as it could have been, and was maybe a missed opportunity for more of a Q&A with a smaller group of students. 

Thanks for bringing him in.  It was a really worthwhile presentation, and I think it hit the mark with the kids (which is the main thing).” 

– Kevin Kennedy, secondary teacher