CenterLink Statement on Orlando Incident

As a proud and active member of CentreLink, the Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diveristy would like to share their official statement in the Orlando Incident. This statement was written in collaboration with community leaders in Orlando and those directly affected.

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CenterLink Statement on Orlando Shooting

LGBT Community Centers Urge Self-Care After Orlando Shooting

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The news of the Orlando shooting at Pulse, a popular LGBT bar, has stunned and saddened all this morning. With news of 50 people dead, and more wounded, June 12 will be forever etched in our communities’ history as a day of grief. CenterLink, the community of LGBT Centers, stands with LGBT leadership and our many allies across the country in expressing our deep sadness at this horrific event.

The GLBT Community Center of Orlando opened immediately and has therapists onsite offering free grief counseling for community members. People have been streaming in all day to the Center. If locals are interested in helping, representatives have said donations of food and water are welcome. “The National Association of Social Workers Florida has responded directly offering volunteer therapists in Orlando,” reports CenterLink Executive Director, Terry Stone, “we are grateful for their support in this time of crisis. We are also grateful for every single mental health provider who publicly lists themselves as LGBT welcoming; our communities will need you.”

“Tragedies like this have a profound impact across all of our population,” says Dr. Scout, Director of LGBT HealthLink at CenterLink. “My heart is with everyone in Orlando and I am also very concerned about the associative trauma on LGBT people everywhere hearing this news. We urge LGBTQ people across the world today to take care of your own mental health; you may not be close to Orlando but we cannot underestimate the toll events like this take on our lives. If you are an ally, now is the time to stand up and show your support.”

Many LGBT community centers are opening their doors today to provide support for local community members and allies. “LGBT community centers are the gathering points for people in times of celebration and in times of crisis like today,” says Mr. Stone. The Pride Center in Ft. Lauderdale and Equality Florida have already announced vigils. Consult the listings of of local LGBT community centers at or equality organizations at for more information about local responses.

“As we hold the people in Orlando in the light today, let us also take care of ourselves,” concludes Mr. Stone. In the words of Terry DeCarlo, the Executive Director of the GLBT Community Center of Orlando, “We’re here.”
National resources for LGBT community members – find listings of local LGBT community centers, check their websites for vigils and mental health services — find listings of local LGBT friendly providers — find listings of trans friendly health providers — therapist listings nationally — social worker listings nationally – trans specific support services — LGBTQ youth specific support
741-741 – text START to the crisis text line for text support

Victims fund

For other ways to help — Additional response resources

Resources for welcoming providers — free LGBT-welcoming signs for provider waiting rooms & cultural competency trainings — cultural competency materials for providers — cultural competency training for providers — cultural competency training for providers

Canadian Resources
Gai-Écoute —
LGBTQ YouthLine —
Kids Help Phone —

Local Ottawa Support Services:
Around the Rainbow Program —
Centretown Community Health Centre, counselling for LGBTQ persons —
Ottawa Distress Centre —
Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre —
Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa —
Kind Space —
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