Take action on Bill C-39

What is Bill C-39? The Federal Government has taken action to reform Canada’s Criminal Code by removing ‘zombie laws’ - laws that have been struck down in court and cannot be enforced. These laws are no longer reflective of Canadian societal attitudes, but remain in the Code because Parliament must observe formal process to strike them from the books.   Bill C-39 is an Act to amend the Criminal Code (unconstitutional provisions) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. The...

Goal of campaign: The goal of this campaign is to create spaces that validate and celebrate Two Spirits, their identities, traditions, and cultures in mainstream, queer, and Indigenous spaces. This campaign hopes to make it more accessible to agencies, schools, and community organizations to include Two Spirit people in their conversations and events, through an online learning tool for individual learning while also offering access to our speaker’s bureau, which is made up of Two Spirit educ...

We Stand With Orlando

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“Hate will never silence the LGBTQ+ community.” In collaboration with CenterLink (the U.S. LGBTQ centers' association),  The LGBTQ Center of Central Florida, and over 120 LGBTQ organizations in the United States and Canada, we have released our official joint statement on the Orlando shootings. Our hearts break for the LGBTQ community in Orlando and for the families, friends, and loved ones of those who were killed. While we are still learning many facts about the shooting, one thing is clea...

I Stop HIV Stigma

I stop hiv stigma
Three and a half decades from the mass spread of HIV/AIDS has offered international research, resources, media coverage, and implementation of new medical strategies. Despite this, there is no cure and no better widespread public understanding of the virus and those who live with it. Today, stemming from a devastating generation of infection and loss in the 1980s, individuals living with HIV and AIDS often face stigma and discrimination in many facets of their lives. This discrimination often pe...

Addressing MSM donor eligibility policy

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As of June 20, 2016, Health Canada has officially approved Canadian Blood Services' request to reduce the five year abstinence restriction on men who have sex with men to a period of one year of abstinence before being eligible to donate blood. This change will take effect in August 2016 for both Canadian Blood Services and Héma-Québec. Despite the reduction in the deferral period, it is still highly restrictive to men who have sex with men (MSM) blood donors and continues to foster a culture of...


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The Canadian Centre for Gender & Sexual Diversity is proud to stand with over 140 agencies in supporting the Ontario revisions to the curriculum. "This is about the health and safety of Ontario youth," says director Jeremy Dias. "It takes a village to raise our children, and for a long time we have failed. We allowed the internet to mis-inform a generation of youth who are struggling.  It is time that we empower teachers, parents, guardians and youth to take charge of their health. Frankl...