Prescott-Russell Pride Picnic

An image of a gazebo with a rainbow banner and rainbow streamers wrapped around the poles.
Le français suit. Hey Folks! Team Education Coordinator Eliot here. How’s your summer treating you?  You’d think the summer would be a slow time for Team Education, but things don’t ever seem to cool down at the Centre (and not just because our office has horrible air conditioning….). We’ve been hard at work on revamping some of our workshops and rebuilding our volunteer program--did you hear about that? We need you! Click here to learn more. Sometimes though, we at the Centre have the ...


CCGSD Volunteering I
Volunteering with Team Education Hey folks! If you’ve found this page, hopefully that means you’re thinking about volunteering with the Centre! And that’s great! Like many charities, the CCGSD relies on the human power of volunteers to make so many of our events and programs successful. We really can’t do this without you, and we’re so excited you want to come hang out with us and help make the world a better place. So you’re probably thinking. What can I do? And you might be surprised ...

Team Education November Update

November was a big month for Team Education! I had the chance to visit 8 different schools and participate in the Rainbow Youth Forum! Participating in the Rainbow Youth Forum was such an enriching experience! I had the opportunity to present our new workshop, Talking Pan/Bi and Other Sexual workshop, which explores sexualities beyond gay and lesbian. The participants were very passionate and engaged during the presentation and we got to hear a lot about people’s own experiences. I also had th...

A special visit from Tim McCaskell!

On September 29, author and activist Tim McCaskell took time from his busy book tour to speak with fifty senior students in Bell High School’s Gender Studies and Social Justice courses. McCaskell, who affably introduced himself to his audience as “a gay dinosaur”, engaged students with his first-hand accounts of the struggles faced by members of the LGBTQ community in the 1970’s and 1980’s. These stories presented eye-opening opportunities for youth to consider the history of equity movements in...

Team Education October Update

Team Education kicked off October with two GRIS workshops presented by Blue and Mylène at Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate High School. As a former student of an alternative high school, Blue loves getting to work with other students who excel in non-normative learning environments and relating to them through their shared experiences. The students’ depth of knowledge ranged from just beginning to develop an understanding of the immense diversity of gender and sexuality that exists, to being comfort...

Team Education Update for the New School Year!

The new school year is underway which means Team Education is hitting the streets! We kicked off the new semester at Glebe Collegiate Institute presenting a series of GRIS workshops for their new co-op students. Following the students lead, Blue and Mylène discussed what it means to be a minority in the workplace, what to do if you believe you are experiencing discrimination, and how to promote cooperation and tolerance when interacting with peers and coworkers. The topics were heavy but the stu...

Team Education in July

The Summer months are typically the off-season for Team Education, but Cameron and Mylène managed to schedule several presentations with the Youth Services Bureau and John McCrae Secondary School. On Thursday July 7th, Cameron and Mylène traveled to the YSB offices and facilitated an Anti-Oppression workshop with various youth engagement committees. The 2 hour workshop focused on using Lukayos diagrams for the Taking Tree to understand how racism, cis-heteropatriarchy, abelism, and other syste...

Toronto Police Apology

Any expression of regret towards oppression and past injustices has symbolic value, however this value can be diminished when the expression serves to omit or erase the experiences of the most marginalized members within Queer and Trans communities. So while this historic apology and community mural are positive steps in the direction towards accountability, they need to be situated as part of a process towards building trust between Queer and Trans folk - specifically racialized members of th...

Team Education: June Summary

On June 2nd, Cameron drove outside of Ottawa into Quebec to present a two-hour Anti-Oppression training session, focusing on understanding intersectionality and allyship, to the RRR collective week-long retreat. He would like to thank Lukayo for scheduling the workshop and the RRR members who attended for their continued commitment towards implementing Anti-Oppression theory and practices. The following day, Cameron was joined by Mylène at A.Y. Jackson Highschool, where they presented the final ...

Team Education May 16-27

After the GSA Forum, Team Education returned to Ottawa and spent the next two weeks presenting workshops and tabling at several community events. On Wednesday May 18th, Katie McCarthy headed to Earl of March to take part in their Health and Wellness Day. It was a great success and students were particularly interested in our new pronoun buttons, which they eagerly snatched-up.  The following day, May 19th, Rhube and Mylene headed to Glebe H.S. to present a full day of GRIS workshops to physical ...