Brandon Duong, a super early morning coop student!

A message from Brandon, a new coop student :

Where you are from: I am from the suburbs of Ottawa aka Barrhaven. Nothing exciting happens in Barrhaven because all of the fun activities are in downtown.

Why you are here: I am here to make a change or at least assist to make a change in the community especially trying to help the growing homophobia in teenagers. I am also here to educate myself about the LGBT community from what I already know of and at least help one person’s life changed or helped because of Jer’s Vision. Even if one less kid is not bullied for the day (though we always try to aim higher), I would feel like I done my job. After all I have been a victim of adversity and bullying myself for many years. This is why I empathize and want to make change in the community and educate ignorant people about homophobia and other types of discrimination. Also I am here to boost my confidence in making phone calls and talking to people because I would never force myself in a surroundings of strangers/co-workers.

What do you  do: My role is project coordinator meaning I do lots of office work and mini projects to help Jer’s Vision. My normal days are answering emails, typing document work, calling important people, researching information, and do other tasks that people need me to do.

What is special about you: I have the drive for equality and world peace in the world. This could be my humanitarian nature or the years of bullying I have been through to make a significant change in the world. A special thing about me for Jer’s Vision is that I have dedication because I am always the earliest at the Jer’s Vision office even though my bus rides are about 45 minutes.

Brandon Duong