Benjamin Diaz


Do you have an aversion to camping? You’d find a kindred spirit in Ben Diaz.

A city person to the bone, Ben was born and grew up in Ottawa, from the suburbs of Nepean, the student living in Vanier, to the downtown core today.

Growing up as the eldest of two sons in a single mother household meant working hard, being frugal, and fighting for what is right was hardwired into his brain, including an intense love of HGTV.

Ben was confused about his identity most of his Catholic high school days. He struggled at understanding and accepting who he was for most of his teenaged years. All that ended the day he began attending Carleton University for Anthropology where everything changed.

Quickly radicalized in the arts of student organizing, improvisational comedy, and croissant eating, Ben quickly found activism as his calling. His focus on youth engagement, queer/trans rights, feminism and accessible education follow through to the core of his agenda for social change to this day. Also, he realized he likes dudes.

A proud two year performer in the Cracking Up the Capital Comedy festival, former OPIRG-Carleton Board member, Youth Educating Safe(r) Spaces workshop co-ordinator, and a QPOC workshop leader, Ben always found time for the issues and activities he is passionate about. Mostly by avoiding sleeping and drinking coffee (both habits he has since kicked).

He is a graduate of Next Up, a youth leadership initiative focused on empowering the next generation of social change leaders. Being a part of this exciting and growing community lead him to be a speaker at the last Canadian Labour Congress’ Convention, on a workshop about incorporating narratives into calls for action. Not to brag, but ACTRA loved him.

After a year of organizing for a political party for the 2015 election, Ben sets his sights to a career with way more job security: the charity industry. Proudly joining the CCGSD team, he jumps into the Day of Pink Organizer & Fundraiser position– where he hopes to reach the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of Canadians across the country.
Ben excitedly organizes the Day of Pink and International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia Galas, where he hopes to glam the place up a bit.

His interests are laughing until his stomach hurts, karaoke, playing dodgeball, and the colour purple (not the Oprah vehicle).

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