Bara love her job!

A story from Bara:

Where you are from:I am from the south of Ottawa! I have lived there for almost all my life and I love it!

Why you are here: I am here to help out in making a change towards discrimination. The people at Jer’s Vision all work together to eliminate homophobia, bullying, and more. I have been bullied before and I know how people who are the victims of being bullied now, feel. It is not the right thing to do and I would like to help out in spreading the word so joining Jer’s Vision was a good stepping stone for that.

What do you do: I am an assistant project coordinator which means I do a lot of organizing for events such as the Hep C conference. I get coffee for Jeremy from Tim Hortans which is pretty fun for some reason. I also make buttons. A lot of buttons, which have to do with Day Of Pink which is an event that happens on April 11, 2012!

What is special about you: I want this world to be a peaceful and caring place. I know that one little person like myself could really make the biggest difference but, I know that putting effort and dedication into my work could really open up some eyes and slowly start making changes because we are all in this together and I know we could make it happen!

Bara Al-gafari