Take action on Bill C-39

What is Bill C-39? The Federal Government has taken action to reform Canada’s Criminal Code by removing ‘zombie laws’ - laws that have been struck down in court and cannot be enforced. These laws are no longer reflective of Canadian societal attitudes, but remain in the Code because Parliament must observe formal process to strike them from the books.   Bill C-39 is an Act to amend the Criminal Code (unconstitutional provisions) and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. The...

LGBTQ+ Service Providers’ Summit

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity is proud to present the 2017 LGBTQ+ Service Providers’ Summit, June 6-8, 2017, at Christchurch Cathedral, located at 414 Sparks Street, Ottawa ON K1R 0B2. We are pleased to bring this event back for the third year to focus on the diverse work of service providers across Canada. Join us for three days of workshops, presentations, and round table discussions about the current landscape of LGBTQ+ service provision. Our goal is to give service p...

Eliot K. Waddingham

Eliot K. Waddingham is the Team Education Coordinator for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity. Eliot was born in Kingston, Ontario but thinks all the best parts of their personality were cultivated during their summers in the East Coast, especially Moncton, NB and on Grand Manan Island. They like to think of themselves as a “Half-timer” (as opposed to the classic ‘Maritimer’). Eliot holds an Honour’s Bachelor of Arts with a Specialization in History from the University of Otta...

Message from our Board President Calla Barnett

Taking the into the future
As the new President of the Board of Directors and a founding member of Jer’s Vision, I am honoured to re-engage with the CCGSD. I bring to the table 14 years of experience with not-for-profit groups, and hope my experience and enthusiasm will make a meaningful contribution to the Centre. In 12 years, the CCGSD has grown from a small charity with a $5,000 budget, into an organization with an operating budget of over $850,000. Our rapid expansion unfortunately did not come without challenges. ...

Day of Pink 2017 Gala Award Winners

 Lori Jean Hodge This award is dedicated to Lori Jean Hodge: Sept 4th 1961 - July 2016. Singer, sister, actor, activist, friend. Lori Jean dedicated her life to helping others and died as she lived, with compassion, love, spirit and kindness. Lori Jean Hodge arrived in the National Capital region from Winnipeg in the early 90’s and quickly became a vibrant part of Ottawa’s music scene. An accomplished singer and songwriter in her own right, she honed her vocal chops in the R&B band, ‘...

Jeremy Piamonte

Jeremy Piamonte hails from the St. Lawrence Valley, where he was raised until moving to Ottawa in 2011 to receive a post-secondary education in Theatre Arts at Algonquin College. While studying theatre, he put much of his effort into youth empowerment through the arts and education. It was his involvement in this and through organizations like the Youth Infringement Festival that inspired him to pursue roles in event management centred on youth. Having always witnessed discrimination and bull...

Hiring: Sports inclusion coordinator

We are hiring for a new Sports Inclusion Coordinator right now! Apply today Terms of Employment: Full-Time Anticipated Start Date: March, 2017 Salary: $29,000-$33,000; with optional benefits package Languages: English (French is an asset) Education: Post-secondary degree (encouraged), experience will be taken into consideration. Experience: 3-5 years of experience designing, implementing, managing educational programming; 2 years of volunteer coordination;. Also experience work...

Making Forums Better

As part of our intern measures of  accountability, we reached out to past participants of our multi-day Forums to invite feedback on how to improve our work with youth. The board has reviewed feedback. Please click to read their renewed commitment to a mutually beneficial way forward. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at: board@ccgsd-ccdgs.org

Finishing The Suit (March 1-11)

"My father would sway in prayer in that little Lower East Side synagogue. When I would ask him why, he said he was dancing with God." -Lawrence Aronovitch Hello, friends! As many of you know, our board advisor, Lawrence Aronovitch's new play Finishing the Suit will be presented by Bear & Co at the Gladstone Theatre in March. The genesis of this story goes back to 2010, when he was living in Ireland and happened to have a conversation with a Dublin tailor about making a suit for his...