Andrew Gayed needs your help!

uOttawa student Andrew Gayed, in collaboration with is running a reseach study for about the Queer experience in Middle Eastern diasporic communities. Please consider participating in his work by reading his request and emailing him below. 

As a researcher for Jer’s Vision, I am researching the Queer experience in Middle Eastern diasporic communities. I would like to ask any queer Middle Eastern folks who would be willing to participate in a feminist non objectifying interview tho please feel free to contact me. The interviews could be done in whichever way the person is comfortable with (face to face, skype, phone, email chat, even anonymous). This research is to give power to a more diversified queer experience that isn’t just a Euro-centric view point, and to diversify our understanding of the Queered experience. Thank you for your time and please contact me with any questions you may have about this project.


Andrew Gayed